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25 years ago today (it was a Sunday in Georgia) Dylan was born.  He was born into a room of people shouting OMG look at those dimples!  He was so perfectly beautiful.

Dylan is an old soul, I realized this extremely early in his life.  He is thoughtful, quiet, intense and self-aware.  He is my touchstone.  He is fiercely protective of those he loves and does nothing half way.  His smile lights up a room and his wrath can have gale-force winds!  He is a man of extremes.  You can find Dylan rising most mornings early heading toward Central Park or the George Washington Bridge, he makes an amazing smoothie and follows that with incredible salad making skills.  He is hard working and a perfectionist.  Well it’s true there might be a little OCD there.  

Happy Birthday Dylan I love you and bless the day you entered our lives.  Now don’t tell me you aren’t going to eat any birthday cake, forget about that “racing weight” for one day!!

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    From my mother. I am the luckiest son in the world…
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