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Happy Birthday James!  29 years ago today you came into the world kicking and screaming and demanding attention.  You (most of the time) were a complete delight as a child.  Your teachers would always say, “just give me a classroom full of James’ “.  You have always dared to be different and strived to be the best you can be.  Always a leader and ever a good friend.  You grab life by the neck and squeeze until it screams.  We all love you for all your goodness and your shortcomings too (clean your room).  I wish for you all the good things life has to offer.  May you always be grateful for what you’ve been given and make the most of every opportunity.  

Below are a few excerpts from the journal I kept when you were a child:

9/84 - Everywhere we go people are always asking me how old you are - when I say 4 months they can’t  believe it.  Even your doctor remarks on how fat you are. 

3/85 - You can clap hands, wave bye and say da da and ma ma.  When you look at me with your sweet face and bright eyes all is right with the world and I’m the richest woman on earth.

5/85 - Up and down the stairs a hundred times a day.  You are really good at going down backwards and hardly ever fall!

4/86 - You are going to the school of hard knocks you walk around with a perpetual bruise and scrape between your eyes.  We can’t figure out why you don’t put your hands out in front of you!

8/87 - Nursery school starts soon my Mom bought you sneakers with bats all over them and you have been carrying them around for 2 days. Your favorite past time is riding your bike you go up and down the block hundreds of times a day. 

1/91 - Ryan is trying to convince you that there is no Santa.  We had breakfast with Santa and you climbed onto his lap and asked him for PUMPS.  New Year’s in Lake Placid and you are a skiing maniac!  ”My little Jayme you have a fantastic discipline that I hope you will always make good use of.”

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